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Hey there, welcome to our resources page! We are Eztrader Ervaring! We’re a publication that deals with the information that can help those who are looking to understand trading and trading software. With our topic, you can imagine that it is very important that we constantly keep our eye out in the horizon and our ears perked up for the latest sort of information and the sources of information that we can rely on.

That being said, we have found a few resources that we’ve been quite reliant upon if we were ever unsure about a new development. It worked wonders for us and we hope that you’ll find them to be quite useful as well.

Forex Live

This site holds regular discussions about the projected trends and newer updates about the world of trading. They have a lot of useful on-site features like live charts that help you keep track of any markets that you may have investments in. There are regularly published articles that can help you to better understand the changes and shifts that are happening in foreign markets worldwide.

Marc to Market

Marc Chandler has been one of the more consistent voices in the world of foreign investments and global affairs. He’s had over 30 years of personal experience in working for consultation firms that handle investments. He uses his site to publish his thoughts regarding any investments that may seem promising or any troubling ones that are on the horizon.

If you’ve got some of resources that you make use of, don’t hesitate to share them with us, alright?